Valtra tractors

Customers said the three main reasons for selecting a Valtra are reliability, low total operating costs and ease of use - and that's why AGCO built the fourth generation of Valtra tractors.

Valtra N Series

The N Series comprises six four-cylinder models, ranging from 105hp (115hp boosted) to 165hp (185hp boosted). Two models, the N114e and N154e also get the Eco system which, when activated, reduces the engine speed by 10-20%, maintaining maximum torque and saving fuel.
The N Series is available in four specifications, from the entry level Hi-Tech, available for all models, through to the Active, Versu and Direct models.
The N Series now represents the world's most powerful four-cylinder tractor on the market, with power provided by the AgcoPower engines. The three smaller models are powered by 4.4L engines, while the largest have 4.9L units.
Valtra N4 Series

Valtra T Series

The T-Series fits between the smaller N-Series and the largest S-Series tractors, including models from 155hp-250hp. Available with transmission types and specification to suit most uses this Series is popular with larger mixed and arable farms. This Series features six models available in Hi-Tech, Active, Versu and Direct.
Power is provided by the AgcoPower engines, 6.6L on the two smallest models and 7.4L on the bigger models. Tier 4 final exhaust emissions standards are achieved with the use of SCR (AdBlue), without the need for any exhaust gas recirculation, resulting in routine lubrication services being extended from 500 to 600 hours.
Valtra T Series

Valtra A Series

Every day, every season,
the A Series is your working machine.
The new Valtra A4 Series is the first 4th generation Valtra tractor series that is manufactured both in Suolahti, Finland and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, making it truly a global tractor. The 4th generation A Series is a completely new tractor and strongly reflects Valtra’s brand values based on our global customer promise: Your Working Machine

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Valtra S Series

Maximise output and minimise costs. The fourth generation Valtra S Series gives you balanced performance that helps you get the most out of your investment
This engine is a Finnish powerhouse and a world first! This is the first tractor engine to comply with the Tier 4 final, stage 4 emissions standard. This technology ensures the reliability of the engine with no increase in operating costs.

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