Valtra Premium Care

Valtra Premium Care allows you to anticipate the maintenance costs of your investment so that you can better manage your production costs. With regular maintenance and a full service history the resale value of your tractor is maximised, while Valtra Premium Care also lets you minimise the lifecycle costs of your tractor.


Your Valtra is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, this results in economic running costs and continued reliability as servicing time is reduced and performance maintained. Timely, regular maintenance by the experts keeps your Valtra at the peak of its performance.
PremiumCare Service Plan is a flexible customer support package which manages all of your servicing needs.
By using AGCO's 'Service Calculator' we can provide you with an extensive cost breakdown of any scheduled service. This cost breakdown will also provide you with a real service cost per working hour of your tractor - putting you in control.

A Valtra PremiumCare Service Plan gives several benefits including peace of mind that your tractor is maintained to a factory level, but also at the same time, giving the flexibility to customise the plan to fit your individual needs.
Having your Valtra serviced by a Valtra dealer means that you can be safe in the knowledge that only high quality, genuine AGCO Parts are used. In addition, you also have the added benefit of a true main dealer service history - so maintaining and maximising your tractor's resale value.
Original Valtra parts are exclusively supplied by AGCO Parts. The AGCO Parts logo and the hologram label on the packaging tells you that your original Valtra part meets exact specifications and has been manufactured by approved suppliers. Original spare parts are always a cost effective solution when considering the total lifespan of the product.

There are affordable easy payment options for service plans or service and extended warranty plans, designed to suit all business financial requirements.
  • Fixed costs - A customer Servicing Plan to cover all service requirements, up to 10,000 hours, can be fixed at the time of contract purchase, giving you financial reassurance for the future.
  • Comprehensive Service to Valtra Standards - Valtra trained service technicians will carry out computerised diagnostic checks using the latest technology to ensure your Valtra tractor delivers maximum performance. Preventative maintenance ensuring maximum performance and reliability.
  • Valtra PremiumCare Service and Extended Warranty Plans - if you have a new Valtra tractor (up to 12 months old) and want total peace of mind and fixed costs then this plan is right for you. Valtra PremiumCare extended warranty is a fully in-house programme, giving you the assurance that there will not be any hidden surprises. Extended Warranty cov er is available up to 5 years/6000 hours.
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