The popularity and diversity of the SUMO range secures its place as a key component in the TNS product offering.

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SUMO product range

The strength of SUMO is the ability to do one pass cultivation and with a wide product range to choose from, there is a SUMO for every use.
The range includes the number 1 selling Mounted Trio, the Trailed rigid trio, SUMOseeder, Trailed folding trio, the Subsoiler, the Grassland subsoiler, the award winning Versadrill as well as latest developments with the Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS), the Quatro and the Strake as well as accessories such as SUMO front weights and linkage mounted drawbars.


The Tio range from SUMO enable one-pass stubble cultivation.
The ultra-low draught subsoiler legs are mounted in a staggered pattern on a heavy duty toolbar. Adjustable to a maximum depth of 400mm via pins featuring a carbide tipped concord point.
The double row of 500mm concave discs are mounted in pairs on independently suspended arms on a fully removeable frame.
The removeable disc unit allows the Trio to be used as a subsoiler with low surface distrubances, ideal for sowing oilseed rape in one pass.
The patented Multipacka, featuring 509 x 10mm barrel with shouldered rings and drive lugs, prodivdes a total diameter of 760mm.


The Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS) drill is based on a concept known as 'strip till drilling', a method of only loosening and preparing a band of soil where the seed is to be placed and leaving the soil in between undisturbed, and therefore not working ground unnecessarily.
There are many advantages to this process; it is quick, large areas can be drilled in one pass, soil structure improves (which means better drainage, less erosion and general well being of the soil) and in most cases, the cost and time savings are huge. The DTS relieves compaction below the seedings and provides a loose friable environment for excellent germination.

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