Stihl pressure washers

Whether you use them occasionally or regularly for demanding professional needs, the Stihl range of pressure washers have what it takes to really clean up. Sophisticated accessories expand the cleaning possibilities.

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Stihl RE88 pressure washer

Compact range

High-pressure cold water cleaners for cleaning around the home and garden.
Ideal for dirty garden furniture, stairs, paths and terraces this range is flexible and handy, easy to transport and store.
The range includes the RE88, RE109, RE119 and RE129 plus
Stihl pressure washer compact range

Stihl RE143 pressure washer

Professional range

High-pressure cold water cleaners, mid-range and professional.
Designed for commercial use and tough domestic cleaning, with an operating pressure of up to 140 bar for removing even the toughest dirt and grime.
Models include the RE143 Plus and the RE271.
Stihl pressure washer professional range