Stihl hedgecutters

Whether it is trimming a delicate hedge at home or maintaining countless plants in parks or grounds, you can take pleasure in seeing everything take shape with Stihl hedgecutters.

With the help of the long-reach hedge trimmer you can tame any hedge, no matter how tall or wide. Stihl's innovative petrol, electric or cordless power equipment ensures every hedge is cut to perfection.

We have highlighted below two of TNS customers' favourite hedgecutters from the Stihl range.

Click and collect service from TNS and Stihl

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Click and collect service

Stihl HS45 hedgecutter

27.2cm3, 0.75kW/1.0hp, 4.7kg/5.0kg*

Entry-level model for the maintenance of shrubs and bushes. Stihl anti-vibration system, Stihl ElastoStarter, long-life air filter system, Stihl 2-MIX engine, single-sided cutting blades, integrated cut protection.

Available in 18" and 24" bar length.

* weight excluding fuel, fully assembled.
Stihl HS45

HS 56 C-E

21.4cm3, 0.65kW/0.9hp, 4.5kg*.

Perfect for landscape gardeners and farmers. Stihl anti-vibration system, Stihl ErgoStart, long life air filter system, Stihl 2-MIX engine, tool-less fuel cap, double sided cutting blades, screwed on cut and tip protector.

Bar length 24"

* Weight excludes fuel, fully assembled.
Stihl HS56C-E