Feeding the Dairy Herd

TNS, Kverneland and Kite Consultancy with kind permission from the Lewis Farm Partnership held a Feeder Wagon event on Tuesday 5th March. The day began with tea and biscuits then Kverneland welcomed us to the presentation and gave us an overview of the Feeder Wagon business.
Tanya from Kite Consultancy spoke next of the importance of consistancy across the throughout the feed mix process. Such as keeping the mix the same, minimising human factors and not over processing the feed. Tanya also spoke about the best way to add the ingredients to the mix, starting with dry forage, then grain, protein, vitamins and wet then wet forage. Then any liquids being added last, this ideally should be mixed for no longer than 3-5 minutes before being dispensed. The Siloking lifts the forage to disperse it equally into the mix and the knives within this wagon enable the forage to be cut shorter.

For further details please contact us and we will be happy to demonstrate on your farm, to see how Kverneland feeder wagons can work for you to increase both yields and profitability.