Massey Ferguson harvesting range

The Massey Ferguson combine harvester range offers something for every farm, from the Massey Ferguson Activa, Beta and Centora through to the Massey Ferguson Delta.

With a choice of Massey Ferguson balers from the small square option through to the big baler you will find a baler to match your needs.

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Massey Ferguson Activa combines

When every minute counts during harvest, you need a high performance and reliable machine. The Activa combines, within the 176-226hp range, provide exceptional economy and low running costs. The versatile MF Activa combines are aimed at owners/operators with smaller to medium-sized arable areas.
With an array of top features, the MF Activa models successfully blend high performance with simplicity of operation The MF Activa offers modern, straightforward technology for cost-effective, flexible harvesting, helping you to harvest your crops with ease and in comfort.
Opt for the Activa MF 7244 model, equipped with the latest Generation 2 Selective Catalytic Reduction 6.6 litre engine from AGCO SISU POWER, for even further fuel savings.
Massey Ferguson Activa

Massey Ferguson Beta combines

The MF Beta range and ParaLevel versions are ideal for mid to large farms. Offering low operating costs, excellent fuel economy and simple servicing, these combine harvesters offer straightforward, practical design with a mix of technology and functional features that are simple to work with in the field.
BETA's features:
  • 276-360hp range
  • Skyline cab
  • TechTouch  Terminal
  • Available with ParaLevel models, offering effortless leveling on slopes up to 20%
  • A choice of the premium PowerFlow or high capacity FreeFlow table
  • High performance threshing with well-proven high inertia cylinder and heavy duty concave
Massey Ferguson Beta

Massey Ferguson Centora combines

If you are looking for dependability and reliability, combined with the latest technology, then the MF Centora range from Massey Ferguson provides a choice of high output harvesters to suit your needs and budget.
One of the largest-capacity conventional combines available, the latest generation Massey Ferguson Centora delivers high output and superb straw quality though its unique 8 walker separation system.
Together with the Skyline cab and a host of features, this impressive range offers improved operator comfort and control with increased capacity and performance while minimising costs.
Features of the Centora include:
  • The Centora's tank - from 10,500 litres
  • Max power from 379-404hp
  • Skyline cab
  • AGCO POWER Tier 4 final 8.4 litre, 6 cylinder engine, equipped with SCR technology
  • Powerflow table
  • Unique 8 bar threshing cylinder
  • Even feeding by Constant Flow system
  • Auto Level, adjusting for slopes of 12%
  • TechTouch terminal
Massey Ferguson Centora

Massey Ferguson Delta combines

With new features to improve operator comfort and control, together with increasing capacity and performance, the MF Delta hybrid combine meets the harvesting demands of large-scale farmers and contractors.
Merging conventional and rotary technology, and now equipped with the Skyline cab, the MF Delta is fitted with the latest SCR Tier 4 final engine and the high-output, 10.74m PowerFlow table.
Overview of the features:
  • Skyline cab
  • AGCO POWER Tier 4 engine, equipped with SCR technology
  • New 10.74cm cutting width with Powerflow cutting table
  • The MF Delta maintains crop feed, boosting performance and guaranteeing fuel efficiency without loss of output
  • Constant Flow, even feeding on Generation 2 Delta combines
  • Auto Level, adjusting for slopes
  • TechTouch terminal
  • Venturi cleaning system produces a cleaner grain sample
  • Straw chopper rotor diameter of 200mm ensuring a perfect chop for min-till operations
Massey Ferguson Delta

Massey Ferguson balers

Massey Ferguson offer both an MF1840 small square baler and also the MF2200 big baler.
The MF1840 is a centre line baler with a pickup width of 1.93m and is 'heavy duty' which is ideal for high usage or contracting. The bales produced are just the right size for handling or feeding and just the right density for efficient storage and transport.
The MF square balers have long been renowned for their ability to produce bales of consistent density, shape and weight, and the MF2200 series are high capacity machines, whatever the conditions.
Massey Ferguson balers


Massey Ferguson is unveiling a new-generation rotary combine harvester range which promises a major step forward in performance and productivity for business-orientated farmers. Among a host of exceptional new features, models in the IDEAL from Massey Ferguson line-up offer the biggest integral grain-tank capacity now available on the European market, the fastest unloading rate and the largest threshing area. All are focussed on delivering significant gains in efficiency and output.

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