The Kverneland product range brings a strength to the TNS implement choice and our fully trained and knowledgeable sales team will be able to help you choose the right implement for your needs.

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Kverneland product range

Kverneland – a world leading brand within the world’s farming community
Quality products, active product development and effective production processes are the reasons why the Kverneland brand is one of the best known and respected brand names in the business.
The brand contributes to more efficient operations with respect to both costs and yield. Thanks to over 125 years of experience and innovation, Kverneland products are able to meet your needs both today and in the future.
At the heart of the new Kverneland offering is a strong and extensive product range is an unparalleled choice. The wide range includes forage harvesting and feeding equipment, ploughing equipment, soil cultivation, seeding systems, sprayers and fertiliser spreaders.
In recent years Kverneland has launched more new and innovative products than ever before within all business areas. Efforts are constantly under way to ensure ongoing renewal of the existing product range and creation of new and better products.
The development of new, innovative products is the key to success of future products generations, and to ensure future competitiveness of both Kverneland and our customers worldwide.

Mounted reversible ploughs

Kverneland advantages
  • Fully automated non-stop Auto-Reset system (on 150S and E models) or shear-bolt leg protection (on 150B and L models)
  • Complete plough is heat treated and frames are heat treated by induction twice to make it stronger but not heavier
  • All plough bodies can be fitted with Knock-on points
  • Reduced lift requirements and easy to pull
  • Variomat - Vari-width system for 'on the move' ploughing width adjustments (EG, EO, LB and LO only)

Stubble cultivators

Kverneland advantages
  • Tines designed to guarantee penetration even in extreme conditions
  • Knock-on system for shares
  • Flexible, maintenance-free tines, for cracking and crumbling
  • 2-bar frame on CLC Evo to match with low tractor power and 3 bar frame on CLC Pro and CLC Pro Classic for optimum mixing and blockage free operation

Seed drill combinations - the U-drill

Kverneland advantages
  • Trailed seed drill combination available in 6m working width to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass
  • Large hopper volume of 4,350L and two easily accessible electric driven metering units
  • High speed operation (10-18km/h)
  • Perfect seed placement
  • Unique modular frame concept for flexible adjustment to customers' requirements
  • Fully ISOBUS compatible
  • Automatically controlled headland management
  • Ready for GEOcontrol in order to control application rate and half-width shut-off

Seed drill combinations - the TS Evo

Kverneland advantages
  • The intelligent arrangement of the seeding tines over five rows allows the TS Evo to place the seeds accurately into the seedbed
  • Using an industrial standard, the machine is connected directly with the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor
  • Easy handling and a wide range of equipment
  • Easy adjustment because of the lateral positioning of the metering device
  • Well proven TS Evo tines made of high quality spring steel fitted with Kverneland leaf-spring auto-reset overload protection
  • Wheels mounted in the centre for excellent ground contour following