Professional use

For the professional user, peace of mind and knowing you have the support of a company, not just with sales but with service and parts too, is invaluable.

STV Series

A compact tractor with real mid-range performance. Easy twist independent PTO switches provides operator convenience.
With an STV you can truly handle more diverse and demanding tasks, yet an STV is economic to run and environmentally friendly too.
Kubota STV Series

The BX2350 from Kubota

The high power to weight ratio gives the BX2350 the performance and versatility of a compact tractor with the agility of a ride-on-mower.
Complementing the BX2350's power are practicalities like HST transmission, independent mid and rear PTO and power steering - putting the BX series in a class of its own.
Kubota BX2350

G23 and G26 professional ride on mowers

With exceptionally low vibration levels, smooth PTO, deck lift operation and shaft driven blades, the G23 and G26 professional garden mowers deliver effortless operation and outstanding performance.
Kubota G23 Series

F Series professional outfront mowers

Designed to meet the highly-varied and demanding conditions found in the UK, the F Series sets the standards in outfront rotary ride-on mowers.

Key features of these 18 to 36hp machines include HST, hydraulic mower lift, shaft driven mower and transmission and power steering on the F2880 and F3680 models.
Kubota F Series

L Series tractors

For those who want a robust, straightforward standard tractor, the L Series tractors from Kubota offer versatility, value for money, lightweight machines for today's environment.
Kubota L Series