Stiga pedestrian mowers, front mowers and lawn tractors make looking after your garden a pleasure.

Designed with you in mind the innovative, easy to use controls make your task easier and more enjoyable. A wide selection of mowers and accessories ensures there is a Stiga product suitable for everyone. Speak to your local groundcare sales manager for more details.

Villa ride on mower

Renowned for its smooth drive and easy usage you have the freedom to choose rear discharge function or, with a mulching kit, reduce the grass into tiny pieces. The Villa has a compact design and the ingenious Combi deck

Park ride on mower

With its innovative options Park represents the ultimate choice in lawn and garden maintenance, Its unique articulated steering makes it comfortable to move around trees and other obstacles in a supremely well-balanced mix of effortless drive and total control.

Lawn tractors

Powerful engines, advanced functions, ergonomics and high quality construction, Stiga ride-on lawn tractors are the ultimate choice for any challenging garden task, from cutting and collecting grass to mulching and fertilising - no task is too small or too tall.

The range of lawn tractors from Stiga include the Estate, Combi and Tornado, ask our groundcare sales managers for more details.