Grimme potato equipment

Jonathan Warner is TNS' Grimme specialist and operates from our Melton branch.

With many years' experience with the Grimme product range, Jonathan can advise you on the best product to meet your needs.

The extensive range of Grimme products includes planters, separators, harvesters and the popular self propelled harvesters. Below we have listed some of the TNS customers top sellers.

Call Jonathan today to discuss your requirements - 07798 585643.

Separators - CS 150/170

An effective separation is the basis for the growing of high quality potatoes on stony and cloddy fields.
The various combinations of stars and main webs with the CS 150/170 give the right solution for the individual grower.
The patented RotaPower increases the sieving output by 25% compared to traditional systems. The rotor crumbles the compacted soil and prepares it for an increased sieving. Wear and tear of the following star rollers and main webs is significantly reduced.
Grimme's CS 150

The GB 330 planter

The GB 330 is especially designed for 3-row planting into beds. Compared to the 2-row bed method, it is possible to plant more potatoes on the same area and to distribute them more evenly. The result is a more even growth of the tubers and thus an increased quota of marketable crops. The Flow-Board is connected with the furrow openers and does assure a constant covering of the tuber. Important settings are easily done via the operator terminal.
Grimme GB 330

Trailed harvesters - GT170M and GT170S

The variable and good visible frame constructions of the two machine models GT 170 M and GT 170 S, combined with four different separators, customise the machine to your individual requirements.
The innovative drive concept with several V-belt drives, in lieu of chain drives, reduces wearing and maintenance costs. Another advantage is the hydraulic ridge relief or Terra Control depth control option.
Gentle and extremely versatile the MultiSep and/or the double MultiSep work well in all conditions with various segment rollers to suit the crop and the conditions. Active side panels as well as the length and flexibility of the cart elevator ensure a smooth and gentle discharge of the crop even into deep trailers.
The GT 170 from Grimme

The self propelled Varitron 200 series

The self-propelled harvester VARITRON 200 with cart elevator has been developed for customers who want to unload directly on a trailer.
The various options of different separators (MultiSep, Roller Separator, fine haulm elevator) and combination of this plus different intake units, allows you to customise the machine to the varying requirements for potato or other root crop harvest. Ground protective rubber tracks allow good harvesting even in wet fields.
With good visability the driver has a good view onto the intake unit and main webs from the comfortable cab and the simple and innovative touch screen terminal provides the operator with extensive monitoring and control possibilities.
The Varitron 270