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Developments in the field of technology has lead to major changes in the fields when it comes to planting, nutrient management, land preparation and harvesting.

Technologies and Applications Equipment

TNS Specialist, Jamie Thompson
"Guidance kits are becoming ever more important to help reduce fuel, seed, fertiliser and wear costs on different tasks around the farm, whilst also providing field mapping and yield monitoring.
We have an extensive range of makes and models of guidance kits to offer, starting from a simple light bar guide system to a full RTK system with accuracy down to 1cm."

Call Jamie on 07824 491925

TNS Technologies and Applications Equipment Specialist, Jamie Thompson

RTK farming network coverage

The map demonstrates the current coverage for the RTK farming network, which works with the Trimble GPS systems for accuracy to 1cm.
Access to the RTK farming network is available for an annual cost of only £500 + VAT, call Jamie on 07824 491925 for more details.
RTK coverage map

Trimble GPS

At TNS we are able to offer you the Trimble GPS systems with free guidance up to the RTK network.

Trimble GPS offers guidance and precision agriculture solutions for all seasons, all crops, all terrains and all vehicles.
With a wide portfolio of products you are sure to find what you need, from display screens, lightbar systems, the EZ-steer and the new EZ-pilot assisted steering systems, through to camera systems to monitor areas of implements not visible from the tractor cab and the AgGPS autopilot automated steering system.
With the Connected farm and farm works information management system you can use Dispatch to track vehicles movement and service hours to maximise fuel efficiency, place geo-fences around fields and premises so you know when a vehicle is leaving unauthorised, sync for data exchange and data security with Wi-Fi capabilities and create data in the farm office and send this information direct to the tractor cab.

Talk to Jamie to find out more.
Trimble GPS

AGCO Auto Guide 3000

Suitable for Massey Ferguson and Challenger tractors.
Is a full featured, hands free steering system capable of delivering sub-metre, decimetre, and centimetre accuracy. AGCO guidance systems are proven to offer an average of 12% in fuel savings, as well as time spent on resources, time spent in the field and much more.
Auto-GuideTM 3000 can be displayed through the Datatronic CCD allowing increased visibility for the driver. Thanks to this integration no additional wires are needed. Inside the Datatronic CCD, the guidance application offers a simple way of operation called “Go mode”. This mode is simple to use so even if an operator has no knowledge or experience of guidance systems, they can be up and running in minutes.
An additional option is the X30 touch screen from TopCon.
AGCO Auto Guide 3000

Fendt Vario Guide

Fully integrated into the tractor architecture the Fendt Vario Guide offers many operator benefits.
Relaxed working environment and consistant working quality under all visibility conditions all offer operating advantages, plus the controls are integrated in Variotronic.
The economic advantages include reduction in overlaps and skips, savings in seed, fertiliser and pesticide expenses, as well as savings in fuel and working time.
Greater coverage can be achieved since full working width is used and turning manoeuvres at the headlands are faster with no reversing needed when turning.
The ability to receive signals from 3 positioning systems ensures an improved reliability in comparison to GPS-only systems.
The fully integrated Fendt Vario Guide


The AgCommand™ telemetry system from AGCO is ideal for large businesses, contractors or anyone who needs to maintain high visibility of their machinery at all times. If you need consistent, concise information concerning your fleet then AgCommand™ is the perfect choice.
AgCommand™ is a leading edge data recording and transmission tool that allows you to optimise fleet performance by monitoring and reporting vehicle position, history and status, plus monitor operating costs and enhance productivity.
Every ten seconds AgCommand™ Advanced collects machine performance data and GPS location, this is then transmitted to the storage server and is then viewable on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet.
An example of an efficiencies report in Agcommand