Our service department

Our manufacturer trained technicians undertake planned, and unplanned, servicing on a wide variety of farm equipment and agricultural machinery.

Don't leave it to chance and get caught out - book your farm machinery in for regular, planned, services to ensure you keep on the move.

If you have any questions regarding servicing for your equipment please contact our local branches who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Your Service Managers

Hinderclay - Nick Mitchell  01379 890823

Attleborough - Philip Goss 01953 450400

Littleport - Dick Hill 01353 863038

Kennett - Peter Brown  01638 750322  

Melton - Steve Cason 01394 382801

Sculthorpe - James Belson 01328 862333


Air conditioning

We undertake servicing, repair and also re-gas air conditioning equipment. Ensure your equipment is serviced and working at optimum capacity. Book your tractor, combines and self propelled sprayers in for their service today.

Manager and Star Service

The Massey Ferguson Manager service is a customer support package that manages all of your aftersales needs professionally and at fixed costs.
All new Fendt tractors receive Star Service - a complete tractor management tool. Each package is specifically tailored to you and is unique to your tractor, so you get exactly the level of cover you want, at a price that fits.
With Valtra Premium Care you can anticipate maintenance costs, allowing you to better manage your production costs.
Further details are available on our Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Valtra web pages.

Drill unit testing

We are a British Sugar Approved test centre. Ensure your drill units are booked in for their annual tests.

Trailer Brake Testing

The minimum legal requirement for trailer brakes is 25% braking efficiency at a maximum 20mph (32kph). If you intend to use your trailer for faster speeds it must have a failsafe (dual line hydraulic or air) with at least 45% braking efficiency.
As weight and speed increases, braking tends to be progressively transferred to the tractor whch means rapid wear of tractor's brakes and potentially long term damage.
As part of the test, our technicians will check the efficiency of the brakes and will advise whether any work needs to be carried out.
Benefits of having the test carried out include a reduction on your costs of wear and tear and reducing the risks of having an accident and the associated repairs, inconvenience, disruption to your business and even criminal prosecution.
Book your trailer brake test today.

Dyno power check

Using a dynamometer the test is a simple and effective way of highlighting any power probems, oil and water leaks and fuel injection problems, allowing our technicians to diagnose faults, preventing under powered machinery from costing you time and money.
Call us today to book your test.