Security systems

The chances of having a piece of stolen equipment returned is just 5% in the farming and construction sectors.

At TNS we offer a range of solutions to keep your property safe - from vehicle tracking and immobilisers to Data tagging.

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CESAR Datatag

With data tagging – a forensic style DNA signature can be applied to the vehicle, the most popular of which is the CESAR scheme.
The CESAR scheme involves a multiple approach of creating strengthened security – firstly, four distinctive triangular registration plates are fitted to the vehicle’s bodywork and chassis so that potential thieves know it’s tagged. At the same time small transponders are fitted around the hard to reach body parts of the machine. These transponders have no battery and emit no signal, making them hard for the thieves to locate. However, when the right scanner is used they give off a unique code to identify the machine. Finally, forensic DNA is painted on various parts of the machine.
All of this makes it harder for thieves to disguise stolen items – even if number plates are changed and VIN numbers have been ground off.
According to Datatag, machines with tagging in place are four times less likely to be stolen and six times more likely to be recovered if they are.

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Vehicle tracking

Tracking devices are also becoming more popular as a means of protecting valuable machinery.
A tracker is hidden on the machine, either wired into the vehicle’s 12v system or relying entirely on its own internal battery. This contains a GPS receiver so it is possible to know exactly where it is in the world and this receiver communicates with the owner via text utilising the mobile phone network.
Some units add extra technologies like Cell ID (triangulation using the nearest three mobile phone masts) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID involves small chips hidden in the machine that give off a signal if someone with a suitable scanner is near.
Most owners will set the machine to notify them if it starts to move without their knowledge or you can set what is known as a geofence – choosing a set of roads that act as a perimeter. If the machine moves outside of this predetermined area a message is sent to notify the owner.
Benefits of protecting your equipment can also be found in your pocket, with some insurance companies offering discounts for protected vehicles. So the savings in the insurance premiums can often off-set the cost of the equipment.
Farm Alert Stand Alone tracking device