Our agricultural brands

Massey Ferguson is one of the world's leading brands of agricultural machinery. View the site for more details of the product range.

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Class leading technology, combined with world class efficiency, make Fendt a popular choice.

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Valtra tractors combine a wide range of features with innovative technology to provide unrivalled user comfort. Visit the Valtra website for more details.

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Using revolutionary designs and groundbreaking technology, Challenger products combine high specifications with superior reliability, creating greater profitability for your business.

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They say there is no substitute for experience, we at Bomford agree. Pioneering innovative design in engineering since the late 1800's, Bomford have always been the leaders in their field.

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Chafer Machinery build strong, technology advanced and simple to operate spraying equipment. Custom built for each individual customer, Chafer crop sprayers offer outstanding performance and productivity. Chafer Machinery’s range of trailed, demountable and self-propelled crop sprayers offer something for every farmer or contractor aiming to improve their spraying.

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The Claydon patented direct strip seeding technique was developed by farmers, for farmers, to increase profit margins and yields. Claydon seed drills can be used direct into stubble or cultivated soils giving huge time and cost savings when used as a direct drill, and as the most renowned direct strip till seeding system in Europe, give sustainable high yield results year on year with huge environmental benefits.

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Robust and durable, GiAnt wheelloaders are designed and produced by Tobroco Machines. A wide variety of implements are available from Tobroco, designed specifically for GiAnt wheelloaders these integrate with your machine to ensure highly efficient operation.

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Grimme UK is dedicated to support its customer needs through its dealer network with UK spare parts distribution from Swineshead.

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Best known for producing one of the most advanced high quality sets of rolls on the market for over 30 years, HE-VA continue to make and develop machines with the aim to increase work rates and improve soil condition.

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With a wide range of trailers from grain and root crop through to low-loader and implement trailers, you are sure to find the solution for your needs.

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Horstine Farmery is a world leader in the design and manufacture of highly accurate equipment for the application of granular pesticides, fertilizer and seeds. Horstine applicators allow granules or seeds of different densities to be precisely applied over a wide range of application rates. In 2002 Horstine Farmery was acquired by Chafer Machinery Ltd.

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Today, Kubota remains the best selling compact tractor in the UK, and this is down to the highest of manufacturing standards, product reliability, durability and low running costs as well as excellent resale values.

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Quality products, active product development and effective production processes are the reasons why the Kverneland brand is one of the best known and respected brand names in the business.

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Major Equipment Intl Ltd is a manufacturer and international exporter of one of the most comprehensive ranges of grass cutting, slurry handling and site equipment.

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Merlo is synonymous for advanced technology in the field of telehandlers and operating machines, and the entire story of the company is marked by an experience created with innovative ideas.

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OPICO is one of Britain's largest independent distributors of agricultural machinery with over four decades of experience and knowledge of the trade.

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OPICO are pleased to announce the launch of the range of Sky-Agriculture grain drills in the UK which will be sold alongside it's range of HE-VA cultivation machinery. After many years building a HE-VA range of cultivation machinery which includes a number of market leading products we are pleased to offer a range of innovative trailed drills that meet the same high standards

SCH Supplies produce garden trailers, sprayers, water units, spreaders and broadcasters and leaf sweepers as well as units useful for the sports and leisure market. Gamekeepers, horse owners and sports facility owners among others, can now find all the machinery they need.

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The strength of SUMO is the ability to do one pass cultivation and with a wide product range to choose from, there is a SUMO for every use.

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Votex has established itself as one of the top manufacturing companies in its field of grass and vegetation maintenance.

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Our innovative approach to production techniques, combining the latest 3D computer aided design technology with sound engineering experience, means that the Warwick Trailer range is one of the best available today.

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